Having trouble finding an area rug in the right size, color, or shape? We make getting what you want easy and affordable. 
See our Get Started Guide and let our non-commissioned design staff get to work for you!


made to order, Easy, & Affordable

Select from our large sample library, tell us what size and shape, and its yours! Take home samples to make sure they work for you. 


Unique Shapes

Have an unusual shape or size? We can alter a rug that fits your space perfectly, like this cut corner example.


Look through our patterns and match the rug colors to your fabrics

Choose your favorite pattern, pick your colors and textures, tell us your preferred size and shape. It's that easy!


Bring in your fabric or ideas and let us create!

This rug design was inspired by our customers fabric.


Our on-site manufacturing makes anything possible!

Come by and see our rugs being made. 


Our Non-Commissioned Design Staff is Here to Help

Bring in your fabrics, colors and room pictures and we will help you find the perfect rug within your budget.