Edge Binding Options

There are many different ways to bind your rug edges to prevent unraveling.

We are happy to help you choose the best method for your design needs.

standard bind low res.jpg

Standard Edge Binding

A colorfast, durable and functional synthetic fabric tape that is designed to blend with the rug edge and not be that noticeable. This is the most economical of the rug bindings.


serge final less fat low res.JPG


Wool, nylon or cotton yarns whip stitched over our standard edge binding. Blend with the background color or pick up a color in the rug pattern you want to emphasize. Gives a more finished look.


fringe retake.jpg


Add or replace fringe on your rug. Available in natural cotton and wool, knotted or unknotted, as well as synthetics in various lengths.


hand bind low res image.jpg

Hand Binding

The least noticeable edge binding option. A cloth binding is Hand Sewn with hidden stitching and wrapped tightly around the back.


hand serge up above image.jpg

Hand Serging

Serging yarn is Hand Sewn, often using the same yarns present in the rug (if available.) The hand serging sits below the rug edge, giving a close to invisible effect. This is the most labor intensive edge treatment but sometimes worth the investment.

hand serge final low res.jpg

natural 4.jpg

Wide Fabric Bindings

These add an accent to the edge of the rug. Often used to add interest on Natural Fibers such as Sisals or Seagrass as well as our extensive selection of Synthetic Sisals. Stitching options include top stitch and blind stitch. Corner options include straight and mitered. 

fabric top stitch revised low res.jpg

Top Stitch

fabric bind - mitered.jpg

blind Stitch with mitered corners

fabric bind - blind stitch.jpg

Blind stitch with straight corners


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