Repairs, Rug Care and Cleaning

Time, Vacuums & Puppies Can Damage a Rug

Have a rug that can use some attention? Often we can give a carpet a new life. Call, email images or bring your rug in for an estimate.

Fringe removal and rug repair. We can also add new fringe if preferred.

Fringe removal and rug repair. We can also add new fringe if preferred.

Breathable fiber rug pads are safe on all floors.

Breathable fiber rug pads are safe on all floors.


Breathable Fiber Rug Pads
Want to prolong the life of your rug and keep it cleaner? Have us cut a pad to your rug size. The vacuum will be more efficient because of increased air flow under the rug, and help prevent the fibers from crushing. LEARN MORE >


Spills Happen!

With all fiber types, immediately blot up wet spill with a DRY absorbent white cloth or paper towel. Press down and continue until every last possible area of the unwanted fluid is pulled out, using more dry towels as necessary.

*Adding water or cleaner before doing this first step will only dilute the spill and spread it wider and deeper into the rug pile.

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Spot Cleaner
Not all rug fibers are the same, confirm which type of spot cleaner is best for your rug. When spot cleaner is applied NEVER scrub the area. Instead, apply spot cleaner to a dry white cloth and press down, working from the outside of the spill in. Continue to do this until the spill is no longer visible and there is no transfer of the spilled material on your towel. Lastly, take a dry towel and soak up the spot cleaner.

Host/ Dry Carpet Cleaner (100% plant based)
After removing the spill, take a hand full of Host and gently work it into the fibers, at the base and at the top. NEVER scrub. Add more Host to the top, pat and leave overnight. Vacuum up the next day when dry.

Use the right Vacuuming Method

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Some vacuum beater bars can damage, frizz and prematurely wear a rug. A good vacuum doesn’t have to be expensive. Look for a vacuum that can be raised and lowered to the pile height. Another important feature is a floor setting. This give the ability to disable or turn off the beater bar brush.

Certain rugs should never be brushed while vacuuming. Shags, wool loops, and jute rugs are an example. Other rugs perform better with a gentle brushing from the beater bar while vacuuming. Set your vacuum height to easily glide over your rug, barely hitting the top of the pile with the beater bar brush. Ask which type of vacuuming, (suction only or gentle normal vacuuming,) is best for your rug.

Remember that soil can be abrasive and when walked on can cause premature wear. Pulling out what falls between the fiber using a good vacuum can make all the difference. Keeping your rug clean will prolong the life of your rug. Having a breathable fiber pad under the rug can also improve the vacuums performance because of the increased airflow. LEARN MORE>


Rug Cleaning & Stainguarding

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Not All Rugs Are Alike and Require Different Cleaning Method

Hot water extraction, dry cleaning or immersion. Each rug requires a different cleaning method depending on the construction and fiber.

Bring in your rug or call today for an estimate at 805-644-5571


After we clean your rug have us add a stainguard for added protection.


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