Which Spot Cleaner is Best for You?

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HOST DRY carpet cleaner

HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner’s tiny sponges quickly remove food and wet spills, fresh pet accidents, grease, dirt and much more from deep down in your carpet. Follow the instructions, Vacuum them away, and your carpet is clean, dry and ready to use. For best results, treat spots and spills promptly so they don’t become permanent stains.

HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner contains 100% plant-based absorbent particle, a 100% plant-based cleaning solution and a little bit of water. It’s the same hard-working formula that the professionals use.

HOST is safe for all types of carpet including wool, sisal and orientals. It is safe for peoplle and pets, and spots won’t wick back. It is freen seal certified, USDA certified and Woolsafe approved.



Carpet details cleaner

Carpet Details cleaner is an exclusive non-foaming, no soap solution that will not leave a dirt attracting residue behind. Just apply on spots and stains, agitate with fingertips or a brush, let it stand for 1 minute and wipe or blot off with a clean towel.

Carpet Details Cleaner is ideal for dirt marks, pet accidents, grease, food and protein based spots and stains, and much more. Carpet Details Cleaner is not a good candidate for Jute, Sisal, and other natural fibers that damage when wet.

Carpet Details Cleaner is 100% odorless, mineral based, non allergenic and non toxic. It is approved for stain resistant fibers. It is not recommended for use with any other spotting agents.

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